Devika Pillay

My name is Devika and my business is D-zyns Project Developers (trading as Colour Palette), of which I am the sole proprietor. The nature of my business is Interior Decorating and Fine Art. My work comprises of commissioned artworks in the form of Murals, Oil Paintings and 3D Art on walls as well as Modern Contemporary Art.

These artworks adorn the walls of Albert Luthuli Central Hospital. Crompton ICU, Westville Hospital and many doctors’ rooms as well as homes in and around Durban.

Commissions extend to portraits of families, presidents, politicians and Nobel Peace Prize winners eg. Former President Nelson Mandela, Albert Luthuli, Gandhi and Steve Biko. The highlight of my life was meeting Nelson Mandela and presenting him with a painting of himself. He is the inspiration of my work in general (addressing the plight of others).

As an Interior decorator my expertise stems from small homes and apartments to hospitals boardrooms and doctors rooms.

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