Suren Pillay


Suren Pillay is a writer, scholar and visual artist from Cape Town, based at the University of the Western Cape.  He trained as an anthropologist at Columbia University in New York.


Artist Statement

Water, and its relationship  to human being, human movement and human settlement are the preoccupations of these images. It is a project that follows an  itinerant and personal  route spanningly roughly a decade. These images have been made on journeys that navigate the African continent, Asia and the ‘new world’ of Latin America.  Places where rivers and oceans intersect with history, memory, trauma, happiness and new desires. Arteries of life, they are things we cross to make better lives. To escape war,   to cleanse or to rebirth symbolically into a spiritual realm or have a better life in the material world. Or to simply be close to with those we love and care about.


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